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Ya-Fe: The openning ceremony didn’t take place last Saturday


Mai 13, 2018

Ya-Fe: The openning ceremony didn’t take place last Saturday

The opening ceremony of the twelth Yaounde December Commercial Show didn’t open last Saturday.

The public is here by informed that the Twelth edition of Yaounde December Commercial Show called “Yaoundé en fête” did not open last Saturday December 16th, 2017 as scheduled at the Multipurpose Sports Complex. The Yaounde 2 subdivisionner Officer, Mister Yampen Ousmanou refused the authorization to the organizers. The civil servant thinks that security measures are not enough. The organizers got in touch with the Senior Authorities who agreed with Mister Yampen Ousmanou and instruct them to move from the Multpurpose Sports Complex to the “Boulevard du 20 mai.” Despite the fact that the organizers are urgently working on the matter, one think is clear : this twelth edition is almost a fiasco. Nevertheless, we hope that the organizers will take some measures in term of compensation for those who have spent a lot to reserve stands.

Léonard Fandja

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