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Sports : Olivier Batamaken has done it !


Juil 8, 2019

Sports : Olivier Batamaken has done it !
Mister Olivier Batamaken has invited Mister Edi Burnner To Cameroun.

In the invitation of Olivier Batamaken, LOMA TRANSIT F.C President, the wolrd well knowned Sport Manager Mister Edi Brunner arrived Cameroon, on Sunday 07th of July 2019 at 07 PM, at Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport. A strong delegation conducted by The President Olivier Batamaken and his Partner Eric Ndongo and Edi Représentatives in Africa, Fernand Taninche was present at the airport. The LOMA Technical Director Mr Max Makongo Makwelle, the Team Coach Olivier Onana and some football players and other staff members were present at the airport. Mr Edi Burnner told Journalists present too at the airport the purpose of his trip: « It’s not the first time that I come to Cameroon, but it’s always with pleasure that I come and my impression is that with Président Olivier, we intend to do something very important for Cameroun football and other disciplines. » Knowing that it is not easy to receive Mr Edi Brunner in Cameroon, we can say that President Olivier Batamaken has demonstrated what he is capable of. His hope is that by the end of this working visit with Edi Burnner they sign for a new and important contract which shall be an opportunity and challenge for Cameroon sports in general and young football players in particular. Mr Edi is C.E.O. of the football Management Company, TEAM ONE INVEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL.
During his stay in Cameroon, Mr Edi Brunner has many visits to do ; matches, trainings, visits to Handball Federation President and touristic trip to Nkilzok Are scheduled. The visit end on Friday July 12th , 2019.
Léonard Fandja

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