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Ebolowa-Akom II-Kribi road and the Eastern entrance of the city of Douala : The dream will soon become a reality


Déc 5, 2019

The signing  ceremony of two commercial contracts for Ebolowa-Akom II- Kribi and Douala city Eastern entrance took place on Tuesday 03rd December 2019.

Mr Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, assisted by the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Works in charge of Roads, Mr Armand Ndjodom signed on Tuesday 03rd  December 2019 at 10 am on th twelfth floor of the Emergence Building with ICM CMC Spa and MAGIL, two commercial contracts relating first, to the Ebolowa-Akom II-Kribi 179.28 kilometre road, secondly to the execution of rehabilitation works on the Eastern entrance of the city of Douala. Following the Head of State His Excellency Paul Biya’s testimony of the commitments to link the cities of kribi and Ebolowa, the Italian contractor ICM CMC Spa Top Management Team intend to do the job with professionalism in order to respect  the dateline. Concerning Canadian contractor MAGIL the main purpose is to succeed where others failed knowing that the project is the second phase which is an additional works for 22,343, 427, 736 CFAF, the construction of a second bridge over the Dibamba River for 58,931,040,441 CFAF and related works for 13,119,140,000 CFAF, for a global amount of 94,393,607,775 CFAF net of taxes. The MAGIL Company was mobilized inadvance on 09 August 2019 pending the completion of the negotiation procedures for the signature of th financing agreement and the contract, Technical meeting to launch the works held on 14 November 2019.

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